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We aim to develop key technology for working memory that will extend system operation after power failure, improve data processing capability, and feature an automatic restoration function after power failure. We will then clarify its application to computers by simulation. We are promoting research and development of the following main items in collaboration with other participating research institutions.

Development of materials and devices for advanced (high speed operation) spintronics working memory
We will establish the fundamental technology of spin devices with high speed operation in cell sizes under 20 nm SRAM. The development items are as follows.
High speed operation
We will develop a low leak measurement technique and a structure to realize high speed magnetization switching.
We will define factors to decide the characteristics of a spin device and develop a technique to realize stable write operation.
Environmental tolerance (radiation hardness)
We will clarify the soft error tolerance of an irradiated spin device, extract its potential risk, and evaluate the memory retention state. On the basis of these results, we will then clarify our strategy for improving the tolerance.
Automatic recovery function and performance maintenance function
We will develop a technology to improve the disaster tolerance of spintronics-based computer systems such as automatic recovery and performance maintenance functions and then follow up with an evaluation using a computer simulation.

Development of the materials and devices for ultra-low power and large-capacity spintronics working memory
We will develop spintronics devices with low write energy at the under 20 nm DRAM cell size.
The development items are as follows.
Under 20 nm DRAM cell size
We will research materials and device structures along with device processing and evaluation technology.
Low energy write operation
We will develop materials and device structures with low write energy.
New writing method for lower write energy
We will develop new technology for achieving lower write energy such as electric field control.